February Happenings at Jada Blitz

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If you’ve been to the gym in a while, I’m sure you’ve noticed a lot of new things popping up. From our new equipment and the “#WeAreJadaBlitz” wall of inspiration to the Love Yourself photos and words of encouragement. There has been a lot going on at Jada Blitz to say the least and we wanted to break it all down for you.
First off, last Saturday (Feb. 18), we held our Love Yourself Open House, with lots of specials—as always—Balanced Body breakfast samples, free classes and sample massages with Steph. We want to thank everyone who came out to make our Open House such a success. If you haven’t already, check out our huge Facebook photo album, and share it with your friends!Keeping on track with the Love Yourself Open House last week, have you seen our Love Yourself Wall near the cardio equipment and the front desk? We thought it’d be fun to share with our Jada family why we love who we are and what makes us passionate about life. After all, it’s American Heart Month and it’s important to always look in the mirror and be happy with who you are, and if you’re unsatisfied, make a change.

Speaking of making a change, we have made a noticeable change to our gym floor. We’ve recently added three new pieces of equipment to the mix!

Iso-Lateral Row: This machine targets a large portion of the back, mainly focusing on the mid-muscles. It’s very versatile and allows for both single or double arm movement.

Iso-Lateral Incline Press: Another single or dual arm, versatile and effective chest machine.

Pectoral Fly/Rear Deltoid: This machine has two functions, with an ability to work both the chest as well as the upper back muscles.

Next up on our list of new additions is The Blitz Room’s signed chalk wall. If you are unfamiliar with the oversized chalkboard displaying twenty-five inspirational and motivational vinyl print words, I’m sure you’ve recently noticed lots of colorful signatures filling up every corner of the wall. We’re encouraging all of our members and staff to choose a spot on the wall and express yourself; we want to know what you love about Jada Blitz. #WeArejadaBlitz

Last point worth mentioning in our February blog is the shake of the month: Chocolate Covered Cherries. This shake is made with cherries, chocolate pudding, cherry jello, chocolate protein powder and almond milk and contains 2.3g of fat, 24g of carbs and 26g of protein with only 221 calories! It’s delicious; we promise! Try yours today, for just $6.50 and let us know what flavor you’d like us to experiment with next month!


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