Sarah Tedesco

Sarah is responsible for the content creation and media outlets here at Jada Blitz. She was previously working as a Food & Beverage Manager at Buffalo Waterfront before following her passion [...]

Skyler Herko

Skyler is our Maintenance Manager here at Jada Blitz, and is responsible for overseeing the general cleaning of our gym and keeping it maintained and in good condition. She is very meticulous and [...]

Anthony Serrano

Anthony is the Director of Personal Training, as well as one of our Certified Personal Trainers at Jada Blitz. He spent 3 years as a Master Trainer at LA Fitness before becoming part of the Jada [...]

Will Smith

Will is our General Manager and a Certified Personal Trainer who has been with Jada since 2017. He loves being part of the Jada Family, and the fitness community. He is also a Sergeant in the [...]

Ashley Draper

Ashley is Jada Blitz Fitness’ owner and has been at the forefront of helping grow Jada Blitz Fitness into what it is today. She plays a key role in helping develop the operations team and [...]

Justin Draper

Justin is the owner and head trainer at Jada Blitz Fitness. He helps and motivates all walks of life to develop the skills necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Before starting Jada Blitz [...]