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Stephanie Szpila has been a certified personal trainer and massage therapist at Jada Blitz Training for almost four years. Due to her ambitious drive and continued success here at Jada, Steph was recently promoted to Group Fitness Director. Learn more about her role below. Don’t forget to congratulate Steph when you see her!

About Steph:

Since I started at Jada Blitz Training almost four years ago, I have had the amazing opportunity to teach numerous classes for our members and host a variety of fun events highlighting group fitness. Throughout the years, we have grown so much with one another and with our members. It truly makes my heart happy to see such a great group of group fitness instructors teaching a variety of different classes to engage the clients of Jada Blitz like never before.

Tell us about your new title and how you plan to grow the gym’s group fitness classes program?

It is my absolute pleasure to be named the Group Fitness Director as of early this year. I am hoping to continue expanding on our group fitness opportunities for our clients with new classes, increase class attendance, and continue to expand into even more community-wide events.

Are you planning to add any new trainers to the mix?

I am most excited for the release of the new group fitness schedule and classes that will be unveiled in early March. We are bringing on two new group fitness instructors, Samuel Stanley and Dan Jakielaszek. Both Dan and Sam are currently personal trainers here at Jada Blitz, so we are looking forward to adding them into our group classes program!

Tell us about the two new class offerings in place right now:

On Wednesday evenings at 6:00 pm, Sam will be teaching kickboxing in the upstairs studio. This high intensity kickboxing class combines the basic kickboxing jabs, upper cuts, and blocks with our newly purchased mits and gloves. You will keep your heart rate up with great music and circuit cardio moves to develop your upper and lower body strength between your kickboxing rounds.  This is a great cardio addition to your current fitness routine.

On Tuesday mornings at 6:30 am, we are pleased to be adding TRX Total Body taught by Aubree. Rise and shine with this great class that incorporates TRX suspension strength training with dynamic bodyweight exercises to strengthen, tone, and shred. Dan will be added onto our group fitness class schedule on Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm on the turf for a total body workout during our 20/20/20 class. This class is designed to challenge you and keep you moving as you sweat through 20 minutes of legs and cardio, 20 minutes of upper body weight training, and 20 minutes of core strengthening. As the current class schedule continues to expand, we will continue using the upstairs studio for more of our fitness classes and adding even more programs.

Throughout 2017, I am looking forward to creating an even stronger group fitness program.  My ultimate goal is to create a team of highly skilled instructors who have a big investment in Jada Blitz Training, each other, and all of our members.  We want to continue to go above and beyond for you and make a tremendous difference in your fitness routines by providing a wide-variety of different options.


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