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I joined Jada Blitz about 4 months ago after learning about the great success that one of my friends had training with Justin online. My friend and I had a long discussion about nutrition and he introduced me to the concept of macro-nutrients. I was a bit skeptical due to always believing that calorie restriction and low to no carb diets were the way to go…

Well after challenging my friend for hours, trying to poke holes in this concept, he asked me one question that stopped me dead in my tracks. He asked me how much success I have had with staying in the shape that I want. The truth is that I have yo-yoed for years and I haven’t had much success maintaining the body that I have always wanted. I would get almost there and then slowly work my way back up 50, 60, and as high as 70lbs. Not working!!!!

When I called Justin and heard the passion in his voice I knew that I was on the right track. I went in for a consult where Justin gave me his undivided attention and set me up on a custom nutrition and weight training plan. I started training with Justin but transitioned to Dan after my first month. Our schedules lined up much better and Justin was very supportive in making the transition.

One twist to my story is that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have been struggling for over 20 years with stiff joints, pain, and fatigue. With that said, I didn’t think weight training was right for me. Well the truth is that I feel better that I have in years by following MY macros, and going to the gym three days a week. Three days a week may seem like a piece of cake to most but for someone with RA it is a challenge in and of itself.

Dan has been very accommodating and adjusts my workouts based on what I can tolerate. Not that we have had to adjust much since I have been feeling better than ever. I am lifting more than I ever thought possible and have a better body now than when I was in the military. My chest, arms, shoulders, and back are growing at a rate that I would never have thought possible. Dan and I are working towards 18” arms by next summer.

Beyond diet and training the team at Jada Blitz has helped me to change the way that I think about obtaining my fitness goals. The “way of life” that everyone always talks about is becoming a real thing for me. Dan is truly supportive to me obtaining this better life and is genuinely concerned about my progress. During our workouts he helps to motivate me and inspires me to want to come back. Dan has made a huge impact on my mind and body.

Jada Blitz training is truly a tight-knit family that supports all of their clients as if they were their own family. After my workout I usually get a recovery shake made to order by their awesome staff who usually teaches me something new to help me with my nutrition. I could not have made this much progress in such a short period of time if it wasn’t for the entire team at Jada Blitz. Thank you!

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