Client of the Week – Jason Smith

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My fitness journey with Jada Blitz began a year and a half ago when my wife gave me the push needed to begin personal training. I had seen Jada Blitz on social media and heard good things from several friends, but never took the initiative. I’m thankful she did, as the prior year I had suffered a significant back injury and struggled through physical therapy. I credit personal training, and especially the knowledge of Justin’s team, with developing a training regime that enabled me to work through my injury, beat the pain, and regain my strength. Two years ago I had difficulty bending down to put on my socks; today, Mike and I are working hard to get me ready to play in my high school’s alumni football game. I couldn’t have imagined experiencing such progress the first time I stepped into the gym.

What sets Jada Blitz apart from other gyms is the culture. It’s a place where members, from first time gym goers to experienced bodybuilders, are able to train in an environment that supports everyone in meeting their fitness goals. Having been a member of several large commercial gyms, I found them to be non-motivating and full of people who seemed more interested in socializing than training. This is not the case for Jada Blitz. Justin created something more than a building full of gym equipment; it’s a place where like-minded people train hard, treat each other (and the equipment) with respect, and genuinely have a good time. As an added bonus, to further help me meet my goals, I’ve recently started a balanced body meal plan.

I currently train with Mike twice a week. Not only is he a highly qualified and motivating trainer, he also personifies the positive gym culture and team mentality of Jada Blitz. Though he may not even realize it, each and every training session we’ve done has started with him asking: “what are we working today?” He is right there on this fitness journey with me, pushing me on each and every set. Though today we are training incredibly hard to prepare me for the alumni football game, it all started with Mike taking the time to understand my back injury and developing routines that enabled me to persevere and continuously improve.

It goes without saying that I have, and will continue to, recommend Jada Blitz to everyone who is looking to improve his or her health and fitness. To anyone who believes that Jada Blitz is too hardcore and intimidating, I am quick to correct them. This gym supports individuals and their specific training needs through highly skilled personal trainers, a supportive environment, a wide variety of fitness classes, and quality equipment. I am grateful to have spent the last year and a half improving my health thanks to the support of Mike and the Jada Blitz team.

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