Client of the Week – Hannah

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Throughout my fitness journey, I’ve always been up and down; nothing crazy out of control, but enough to drive you crazy sometimes. Shortly after I began working out in the gym, I got with a trainer that towards the end of our sessions ended up working for Justin at the first Jada Blitz location. So, he invited me a few times to work out there and it was small, but “homey” feeling. The energy was just way different in a good way, just unfortunate it was such a far drive at the time.Then I found out Stephanie was working there and was even more excited! I’ve known her for some time and she is just an amazing person inside and out…but don’t let that fool you though because she will get you the results whether you like what she says or not haha. Next you know, Jada moved closer, and got bigger and better! I just love the atmosphere and the time and effort that goes into every single thing Jada does is just phenomenal. From family nights to fundraisers to Tucker to everything! Someone looking for a gym to go to that’s in any situation should check Jada out because there is no judging or “I can’t” or negativity only drive, motivation, assistance, and just all around positivity. There’s nothing better than seeing all kinds of people (young, old, big, small) there kicking ass!

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