Client of the Week – Dan and Larry

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Dan and I have been business partners for over 10 years and we began to workout together during that time. We were lifting on our own in some of the large gyms in town until we decided that we wanted something more personal and intense. A few of our friends were training @ Jada Blitz so we decided to schedule an evaluation with Justin. After the first session I was not sure this was for me. However we decided to make ourselves uncomfortable a few hours per week and we’ve been members for over 2 years. We have become exclusive clients of Mike and appreciate his knowledge and ability to know when to push us hard and when to apply the brakes (rarely)!

Jada (and Mike) have become an important part of our weekly routine and we have both introduced our families, friends and colleagues to the Jada Blitz program.

We really enjoy the environment and the results we have achieved and appreciate Mike’s ability to keep us focused and keep our workouts fresh and challenging.

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