Client of the Week – Chelsea

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Being a gymnast for 12 years and a three sport athlete in high school set the stage for my love of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. But when I went to college I no longer had the luxury of a regulated workout schedule. As a freshman in college I started working out at the gym on campus, and slowly migrated from elliptical to the squat rack. Then by the end of my freshman year I had started tracking macronutrients, lifting weights, and the gym became a part of my identity.

After hearing great things about Justin through friends, social media and seeing the success of his clients, I decided to take the initiative to work with Justin myself. When I first met Justin my goals were to build muscle while maintaining a healthy body composition. Justin took the time to explain and educate me on the important aspects of my program. By trusting and executing the program Justin designed for me, I have grown more muscle in the past 4 months than I have in 3 years of working out. My energy has reached levels I haven’t felt since high school and my love for fitness has grown (even when I didn’t think that was possible).

I believe that people at all stages of their fitness journey can benefit from Justin’s hard work and dedication. He holds a very high integrity, builds trusting relationships, is reliable and easy to get ahold of and truly puts his client’s best interest first. Deciding to work with Justin has been one of the most influential decisions I have made, and I am so proud to call him my coach (I tell him this almost every week). It’s hard not to succeed when you have a strong foundation of knowledge, motivation, and dedication to support you.

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