Client of the Week – Annette Price

 In Client of the Week

I first met Justin at Starbucks shortly after the gym was built. When had the opportunity to talk and he asked me to “just come in and check it out.” He explained that I have nothing to worry about because his gym was smaller, and everyone is friendly. I tried pulling every excuse out of the book as to why I can’t join but it didn’t work.

It took me forever to get my butt there, but when I did it was more than amazing. Jada Blitz Training  is the perfect size for me and everyone is so nice! I am still at the beginning of my fitness journey. I have a lot to improve on, change and work on. Its not easy everyday brings its own struggles but I know that one day it will pay off.

Sam is my personal trainer. I can relate to him as he hasn’t always been the fit person he is today. He’s earned his body through blood, sweat and tears. He’s an awesome person, an outstanding trainer and an inspiration. I want to be like that someday. When I have my bad days, he somehow pulls some inspiration from thin air. He understands the struggle of being overweight, so half of the time I don’t need to explain because he has already been there, done that. He goes above and beyond what my idea of a personal trainer should be, and it’s apparent how much he loves his job.

People should join Jada Blitz Training because this is more than just a gym, it’s a place filled with everyday people, a place to grow, make friends, ask questions and make mistakes, but more importantly have fun!! Joining Jada Blitz was one of the best decisions of my life. Everyone is helping me to achieve my goals, and I’m being pushed further and getting stronger everyday. Its all thanks to Jada Blitz.

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