A Client Perspective on Personal Training

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A personal trainer is more than just that person who tortures you a few times a week and makes you so sore the next day that you can barely move.

Trainers are the base of helping you change your life and they can also become your best friend. Jada’s trainers are the backbone of The Blitz family. They’re the first people you see when you walk through the double doors, they push you when you don’t want to workout that day, and they teach you that you’re stronger than you ever may have thought possible.

That’s what my trainer of over a year, Danielle, has done for me. Dee has not only become a friend to me, but she has made a huge impact in my life. Her excitement and thrill at every 5:30am Tuesday and Thursday workout gives me the stamina I need to get through my entire day. Even if she’s having a bad morning or is exhausted, I can never tell. She, along with all the trainers at Jada, bring such positivity and energy to every workout session, whether it’s a group class, a private or semi private session.

As many others are as well, I’m one of those “sit behind a desk all day” types of people. While I absolutely love my career, the constant sitting can be a big nuisance and actually kills me inside. Working with Dee even just twice a week, makes me mentally feel more accomplished. Because every time I leave the gym at 6:45am, I know that I’ve gotten in a solid workout and I don’t even need my sore muscles to prove that.

My friends always ask me “why do you work with a trainer, you know how to lift.” For me, it’s all about variation and learning new exercises that I get from Dee and other trainers when I observe around the gym.

If you’re on the fence about joining a gym and training with a trainer, whether your decision is financial related or mental, I say do it. Put everything aside and think about YOU. Are you happy with your physique? Do you want to change your body to both physically or mentally feel better? The trainers at Jada will change you. I think you should sign up for a consult; what do you have to lose accept maybe a few pounds at the end of it all?

Thanks to the entire Jada family for giving me a new outlook on my fitness life.

By: Sarah Richheimer

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