Client of the Week – Mike

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Thank you to the Jada Blitz family and my trainer Adam for recognizing me as the COTW.

Taking care of myself and working out had become less of a priority as I reached my late thirties. Workouts became less frequent  over time with decreased intensity. I told myself I no longer had the time or energy to train. My body began to break down and no longer function in the same capacity. 

Fit for life has been a lifelong goal of mine, specifically to partake in all activities with my children as they grow a love for athletics. On my last birthday I decided I needed to make strides towards this goal for my children and also for myself. 

Word of mouth in town was extremely positive with Jada Blitz, yet I was not sure if it was the fit for me….. again just another excuse of mine in all reality. From the first experience walking in the door I knew I was wrong about my hesitations and could not wait to get started at Jada Blitz.

The staff set me up with a consultation with Justin and gave me an in-depth tour of the facility on my first visit. The staff and clientele were extremely friendly and helpful while on my visit, answering all questions and concerns I had, the vibe was contagious. Justin took the time to get to know me, and what was important to me and also my personal goals. 

Justin teamed me up with my trainer Adam Gutierrez. I thought I would end up spending a few weeks working with Adam and eventually get back to working on my own….not a chance, i’ll be staying with Adam. I’ve experienced incredible growth with constant change in workouts. Adam took the time to develop a strategy for workouts including weight training, cardio & meal prep that have worked for me. Adam knows how to get the most out of me with every workout.

Thank you Adam, you rock man!

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