Client of the Week – Katrina

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I started working out at Jada Blitz roughly 4 months ago.  I was looking to get in better shape and start feeling better about myself.  I was constantly jumping around to different diets after my daughter was born 3 years ago.  I would lose the weight and then put it back on right after.  Or the diets had such little protein or calories that I was starting to get sick and weak.  Justin sat down and went through my nutrition for me.  I realized that I was not eating enough food especially carbs.  Then he set me up with Leandra who I absolutely love.  She has been great at holding me accountable on my nutrition and work outs.  I always had issues with my left shoulder and Leandra was able to increase my mobility and strength.  I have seen such a difference that I added another day of training so we can focus on each muscle group. The gym has become an important part of my weekly routine and I can’t imagine it any other way now!

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