Client of the Week – Katie

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I trained as a professional dancer in Los Angeles for 9 years and just moved back home to buffalo . I wanted to further my knowledge in weight training because I  thought I knew how to workout but really I was just going to the gym & running. So of course my body hit a Plato & I no longer was seeing results.  

I needed a change up, so I started looking for something different… I wanted to find a trainer/gym that would really help me understand the body, macros and weight training… that’s when a friend recommend Jada Blitz !!!

I couldn’t of found a better gym/trainer. JB was exactly what I was looking for and so was Reilly. 

Reilly not only trains me but he teaches me while doing it. He really helps me understand what’s best for my body and my needs! And even though I know he’s going to kick my butt I always look forward to the next training session with him because I know it’s one step closer to becoming the strongest I can be. 

I highly recommend Jada Blitz because it offers a gym/ environment where you can push yourself and grow individually but be apart of a team at the same time!!!! 

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