Client of the Week – Adele

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I’ve been training at Jada Blitz for 3 years. I started personal training because I wanted to focus on adding more weights to my program. I knew I needed the motivation and encouragement that I couldn’t give myself- plus the extra help managing heavier weights was a must! I trained with Justin and Aubree who, just like all of the trainers at JB, are fantastic and so supportive of their clients. These two trainers had to really deal with a lot from me. I injured my hip which required surgery in April. For months before, we worked around my injury. They always figured out exercises I could do and still get an amazing workout. The staff always greets you with a smile. The gym itself is beautiful and filled with tons of equipment to better torture, I mean challenge you with. It’s not an intimidating environment at all. 

Most recently I’ve been reunited with an old friend, Seton McDuffie, who just came aboard the Jada Blitz team-(my nagging may have had something to do with that…). I’m so thrilled to have him as my trainer once again. Working with Seton is always a great/agonizing time, lol. He knows right where my limit is and he pushes me a tiny bit over. Whenever I think I can’t do one more, he’s right there insisting that I “got this”. I’m still rehabbing the hip, but that isn’t stopping Seton from putting a serious hurting on my upper body and core! I look forward to our workouts because I believe that I will reach those goals I’ve set for myself because I have a partner in Seton. 

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