Cardio Kickboxing

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“The condition of being physically fit and healthy,” is the definition we use to describe fitness, an almost all encompassing word that helps to describe another new Jada Blitz class, Cardio Kickboxing. For some people, physical fitness equates to jumping on a stationary machine and pedaling in place, running or climbing to no end or rowing until the number on the digital screen reaches a certain number of meters.

However, achieving that “hot summer body” isn’t as grueling as some people think. HIIT (high intensity interval training) can be an excellent way to achieve the same results as a monotonous run, cycle, row or climb session, faster.

Jada Blitz’s new class, Cardio Kickboxing, will take you outside of your regular gym routine, it’s a HIIT activity that will pull you off a machine and help you understand your physical potential in innovative ways. Not only is Cardio Kickboxing a great option for physical health, but it can also be very beneficial for mental well-being in the process.

The physical benefits of kickboxing vary. The most beneficial aspect would be the cardiovascular strength and increase in metabolic rate; both pieces aide in healthy weight loss goals. For thirty minutes worth of Cardio Kickboxing, a few things will happen; first you will elevate your heart rate to a consistent BPM (beats per minute) to get you to a “fat burn zone.” Simultaneously, lean body mass will be maintained by performing a variety of body weight exercises. By using kickboxing and bodyweight exercise in cohesion, optimal results can be better obtained. From overall core and total body strength to greater flexibility and stability, adding 30-minute Cardio Kickboxing class to your fitness regimen will help you achieve your personal goals.

Delving past the physical benefits, we all know that physical exercise can be a major stress relieve and Cardio Kickboxing even more so with the constant pad smashing anger-ridding routine of the class. We all deal with stress at some point, and having somewhere safe to turn to practice kickboxing skills will help to increase serotonin levels and help burn off any looming anxiety.

Another positive is the newfound drive you will have knowing you can push past limits and personal goals. Cardio Kickboxing can be a confidence enhancer in other aspects of life as well. Mentally knowing that you can do something physically, naturally makes you feel more confident in other facets of life.

Overall, fitness is an individual journey. It’s a conscious choice to get up daily and be human, to give it all you have for that 24-hour cycle. Cardio Kickboxing isn’t for everyone, but neither is running or weight lifting. With such great physical and mental benefits at your fingertips, why not pick up the gloves and give this class a shot. If you can find enjoyment in pushing limits, being a little uncomfortable and feeling an overwhelming sense of accomplishment at the end of your day, give Cardio Kickboxing a chance in your routine. And don’t worry if you’ve never picked up a pair of boxing gloves in your life, because our trainers are there to help you throughout the class to make sure you are confident, using proper form and most importantly, having fun!

Check out our schedule and book a class today! See you in Cardio Kickboxing.

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