Bring Your Best to the Stage – Posing Clinic

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Representing Jada Blitz, Gina Mattioli and Stephanie Latawiec had the opportunity to attend a posing clinic in Akron, Ohio sponsored by the Natural Muscle Association. The girls were able to brush up on their posing skills in order to be able to bring a posing clinic to future competitors in the fall. Representing Jada Blitz, both girls had the opportunity to compete with one another in bikini and figure categories earlier in 2016. These two friends wanted to enhance their skills as posing coaches for Jada Blitz by attending the seminar and returning with valuable information on how to bring your best package to the stage.

Throughout our posing clinic, aimed to start in mid-September, we will provide posing preparation tips and suggestions for beginners to advanced competitors in figure and bikini categories. Each session will cover a variety of topics, including mock pre-judging, callouts, individual posing suggestions, and overall presentation. Posing for all federations, including NMA, DFAC, WNBF, and NPC will be included, since there are variations for each federation.

Since the clinics are offered to only figure and bikini competitors, Jada Blitz also offers physique and bodybuilding posing practice as one-on-one sessions with Justin Draper. Both Gina and Stephanie will be available for private posing sessions as well if you are looking for more individualized attention. Please contact the gym or call directly at (716)568-9057 for more details!

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