Brian Moorman’s PUNT Foundation Partnership

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We believe in giving back to the WNY community and changing people’s lives one day at a time here at Jada Blitz Training. Jada chose to partner with the Brian Moorman PUNT Foundation, who seeks to impact the lives of children fighting cancer, to help Ian— an 18 year old Leukemia fighter— achieve his dreams of getting back in shape to prepare for college lacrosse this fall.

Our own Adam Gutierrez began working with Ian and the PUNT Foundation about two months ago and both Adam and Ian are loving every minute of it.

“It’s impacted me on a personal level in such a way that it really opens your eyes to how valuable life really is. It’s really something you think of everyday, especially when you’re as young as Ian is,” Adam said.

This is the first time that Adam has ever worked with someone who is so fresh out of medical clearance and back in the gym so soon. Adam explained that things started off slowly working with Ian just because of all that he was going through, however, Ian has progressed extremely quickly which is fantastic to see and the two men continue to build a close bond.

Ian has gained so much strength, flexibility and mobility in a very short amount of time, which really goes to show you how well a young body can bounce back with the proper training.

Adam chose to get involved with the PUNT Foundation because of his passion for helping other people live healthier lives. Adam also firmly believes in the philosophy that if you fall down or have a setback in life, as we all do at some point, don’t let that stop you from achieving your dreams…just keep pushing…and that’s what he did and continues to do with Ian.

“There isn’t one favorite memory working with Ian so far. But watching him progress week-to-week is amazing and I’m so glad that I get to be a part of his fitness journey,” Adam said.

Adam has been positively impacted during his time spent with Ian and he’s been able to put his own life in perspective. “it really slowed me down and made me think how blessed I am to be healthy,” Adam said.

Shout out to Ian on all of his hard work so far. We’re proud of you and so honored to be working with you!

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