Is Your Body Not Processing Carbs the Way You Want?

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All this work, all this time, all this eating – and my body still refuses to process carbs the way I want. Understanding glucose disposal and utilization is a major key (insert DJ Khaled voice here) to building superhuman muscle, promoting fat loss, and improving athletic performance. Sounds kinda magical right? For those of us who aren’t genetically blessed, our bodies ability to divide our nutrient intake and dispose glucose are probably falling just short of exceptional.

Here enters CORE Nutritionals’ most recent product drop, LOAD. This high potency glucose disposal agent has been scientifically tested and shown to effectively reduce measurements of plasma glucose (that’s fancy for blood sugar), increase nutrient partitioning capacity of myocytes (muscle cells), and aide in healthy blood glucose metabolism.

So what does all this science mumbo jumbo mean? I’m gonna keep it real simple for you…LOAD takes the carbohydrates we consume and helps to store them as energy for when we need it all while inhibiting glucose diversion into fat cells. And how does this happen? When we eat carbs, the body breaks them down into blood sugar and then diverts them out to our cells for consumption in bodily processes.

Now comes the interesting part (lets call it the “aha” moment), this product’s relationship with muscle cells and fat cells. LOAD assists the body in creating glycogen (the stored form of glucose) and functions as the body’s fuel source during short bursts or near max-effort exercises. When our glycogen storage is full, it serves to fight against the creation of fat tissue. THIS MEANS the more glycogen stored in our muscles, the less blood sugar to be shuttled to fat cells …like I said “aha!”.

For more details on how CORE LOAD can benefit your training and diet efforts or to pick up your bottle today, stop in and see one of our front desk associates/trainers.

From the entire Jada Blitz Training team, its time to CRUSH it!

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