Balanced Body Month in Review

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It’s been just about a month (January 2, 2017) since Balanced Body officially launched. To say the least, it’s been an extremely busy yet fun month for us, packed with hours of meal-planning, cooking, transporting and cleaning. We’re excited to announce that thanks to our patronizing Jada clients and members of the community, Balanced Body foods averages 1300 meals each week, which is incredible!

Are you still on the fence about placing your weekly meal orders or hesitant to opt into the subscription feature? Wondering if our meals actually fill you up and have enough flavor to taste good? Check out this blog and read about my experience sampling a few of our regular-sized meal options. Don’t forget to share your comments on our meals on Facebook and Instagram.


Sausage and Zucchini Noodles

13g fat, 14g carbs, 26g protein; 275 calories

Perfectly seasoned noodles with just enough oil to coat the noodles and give them a little bit of flavor, without overdoing it. The tomatoes/cheese combination mixes well once microwaved and adds a nice flavor to the Italian-seasoned chicken sausage. There is plenty of sausage to keep you satisfied for hours, despite the fact that this is a low-carb option.



Breakfast Scramble

7g fat, 27g carbs 28g protein

This dish is so convenient for those crazy early mornings where the thought of cooking a healthy breakfast is shut out. Balanced Body’s breakfast scramble is very simple and clean. You can see all of the ingredients right when the seal is broken. An important note is that it contains both whites and whole eggs, ensuring that you’re not losing out on those micronutrients: vitamins A, D, E, K, b12, lutein and choline. These vitamins are found solely in the yolks and host a wide range of benefits from eyesight to bone health, cognition and more. The red skin-on potato cubes, seasoned with noticeable black pepper, add healthy carb intake to your breakfast.



Turkey Meatballs and Brown Rice Noodles

8g fat, 37g carbs, 26g protein; 325 calories

If you love spaghetti, but think carb overload every time you crave it, this meal is for you. The regular portion gives you three good-sized turkey meatballs that are seasoned just enough to give the dish flavor but nothing too intense. The brown rice noodle is a nice added touch, because it’s lighter than a semolina pasta noodle but still fills you up as if you were eating a regular noodle.



Chicken Rice/Quinoa, Spicy Broccoli

9g fat, 35g carbs, 24g protein; 320 calories

The go-to “Bro meal” gets a lift with the perfect amount of palate-balancing flavors. This dish is nothing too complex, but definitely doesn’t lack in the flavor department. The spicy broccoli has a little bit of a kick but not enough to need to guzzle down water right after a bite.




Turkey Chili

12g fat, 21g carbs, 33g protein; 324 calories

This was one of my favorites. You can see all of the ingredients, from the beans and the onions to the diced peppers and scallions. The ground turkey is simmered in a wide array of flavors that mesh so well, making this dish a difficult one to put down once you’ve started.

Remember, food is the introduction to a healthy lifestyle. Let Balanced Body help you discover your balance. Place your order today.

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