Who Are Balanced Body Meals Ideal For?

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Balanced Body by Jada Blitz officially launched their fresh meal preparation services in January. The first month has been fun and exciting as we have been planning meals, developing new recipes, cooking, and delivering delicious and nutritionally balanced meals to our customers. We have been producing over 1,000 meals a week, and the feedback has been tremendous!

So, who is the ideal Balanced Body customer? This is not for one particular type of consumer. The beauty of Balanced Body is that we can help and cater to many different individuals. When thinking about our “ideal” customer we thought about:

1) The Busy Professional or Working Parents

The number one reason most do not adhere to a nutrition program or stick with healthy eating is because they do not have the time to plan and prepare their meals. Weekly meal preparation can take hours. This sometimes means that Sundays are spent grilling chicken and roasting potatoes rather then spending quality time with family. Balanced Body can assist a busy professional by taking the weekly prep time out of the equation. Our meals are nutritionally balanced and can be warmed up as an on-the-go in two minutes. You can feel confident that you are receiving nutritionally dense, well-balanced meals that will keep you on track to meet your goals.

2) The Flexible Dieter or Food Tracker

At Jada Blitz we believe and stand by living a flexible lifestyle while still be able to achieve your weight loss or fitness goals. Whether you are tracking your macronutrients or calories, Balanced Body meals are transparent and accurate. We have ensured that every item is weighed out to the gram or ounce so you are consuming exactly what our labels indicate. Each meal is well rounded to ensure you are being provided with balanced options to get you through your day and at your goals.

3) The Fitness Enthusiast

Food is the fuel your body needs to push you through the strenuous workouts and classes. When we do not properly fuel our bodies with optimal food sources, our workout will suffer because of it. All the of the ingredients in the Balanced Body meals have been carefully sourced, are of the highest quality and are nutritionally dense.

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