What does nutrition mean to you?

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What’s your meaning to nutrition? To many that try living an active/healthy lifestyle, nutrition gets thrown to the side after a few weeks of trying what they like to call a “clean diet.” The reasoning? There can be many answers to this, temptations/cravings, undereating, daily schedule or even just not eating foods that they like. There’s a famous quote that really hits home when trying to start a healthy nutrition program, “Failure to prepare is preparing to Fail”. When stepping into a healthy nutrition program, many variables need to be taken into consideration. What foods do you enjoy eating that give you quality nutrition, how many times a day should you eat, portion sizes, allergens etc. It’s important to remember that everyone is different and requires different nutritional values on a day to day basis.

If trying to be successful in any fitness routine/program, that also involves work in the kitchen. Without proper nutrition to fuel your body for your workouts and daily activity, performance will be hindered. In the case of overeating, you can’t outwork a bad diet. If you ask yourself what your physical goals are with a fitness program the next question to ask yourself is how are you going to fuel yourself to get there. Before stepping into any diet, always be sure to be properly informed. Be careful with articles that you read online, not all come from reputable sources and following certain nutrition programs can lead to certain health risks in the long run.

In conclusion, make sure to put in some time to think about implementing proper nutrition along with your fitness routine. Time and effort/consistency will bring the results you are looking for! For details on nutrition and workout programs offered contact Jada Blitz training today!

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