KinetX Physical Therapy at Jada Blitz Fitness with Dr. James McMullen, PT, DPT

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Hi, I am Doctor James McMullen of KinetX Physical Therapy. Before I introduce myself any further, I would like to open up with a few questions for our readers.

Have you recently been to a physical therapy appointment or treated under chiropractic care for a nagging pain/injury, only to be let down with the outcome?

Were you given a list of generic exercises to do over and over again that you could have easily performed on your own at home?

Did you feel like a number rather than the point of focus due to the high volume of other patients being treated at the same time as you?

Do you believe that you have tried every treatment under the sun but have lost hope in reaching your physical health goals? Or, are you simply putting off your ailments and issues hoping time will heal all?

First, if you answered yes to any of these questions, I want you to know that you are not alone. Second, knowing that so many have suffered and dealt with these types of issues is exactly what motivated me start KinetX PT, and change the game in physical therapy care.

In 2016 I graduated from Nazareth College of Rochester with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree. Born and raised in Buffalo, I am an avid Bills and Sabres fan, I love spending time in the outdoors, and I love myself some occasional Bar Bill chicken wings and spending quality time with family and friends in the area. Despite its cons (losing sports teams and cold weather) Buffalo is my forever home and the foundation of my passion to continue my career giving back to this community of hardworking Western New Yorkers. I strive to improve people’s quality of life by preserving what we would usually take for granted the most…pain free movement.

Right out of school I worked as a traveling physical therapist which allowed me to explore many parts of the country. More importantly, during my time away I was fortunate enough to take several continuing education courses which elevated my therapeutic treatment approach by significantly changing the way I think and approach treatment of the human body.

After traveling the country and building my skill sets, I moved back to Buffalo where my journey took off as a career when I opened up KinetX PT at Jada Blitz Fitness in August of 2018. With much thanks to my fiancé, Justin and Ashley Draper, and the rest of the

Jada Blitz staff, I can honestly say that this has been one of the most positive and life changing decisions I’ve ever made. Here at Jada Blitz I am able to treat each individual in a one-on-one atmosphere, showing them that there is an alternative and a more valuable experience when it comes to rehabbing the human body.

Overcrowded clinics rely on overuse of cookie cutter treatment methods and less emphasis on treating the individual as a whole. KinetX PT provides treatment with an emphasis on holistic, customized, quality one-on-one care with a neurological twist. The brain based treatment approach I practice is what makes my skill set truly unique. If you are unfamiliar with what brain based care means, it is very simple to explain. I look and treat the body through a neurological lens when assessing or treating an injury, movement dysfunction, or performance related issue. To understand this a little deeper, please check out my Instagram post at

I welcome you to come visit me for a free initial evaluation, I am located in the upstairs studio at Jada Blitz Fitness. If you see me around and have a question about a physical issue you have been dealing with, I encourage you to introduce yourself or reach out to me through my online inquiry form. I am confident I can help you find relief and show you the value in my unique treatment approach.

You can also check out my Google reviews to see what others have to say about their experience with treatment and how KinetX PT was a solution to a problem that may be similar to yours.

I look forward to getting to know more of you from the Jada Blitz family and our local community!

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