Nutrition Client Spotlight – Sandra B

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When I joined Jada Blitz I felt that nutrition and fitness went hand in hand and I wasn’t going to see the results I wanted unless both areas were being addressed.
My short term goal was to learn about healthy eating and what I needed to fuel my body. Most of meals were centered around what looked and tasted good, I was very unaware that the choices I was making on my own were not healthy ones at all.

My long term goal was to learn a healthy lifestyle and then be able to be consistent with this life style. I have tried so many fad diets where you can lose weight during the time of dieting, but afterwards that kind of dieting was just not realistic long term.

I had already begun to train with Justin so when we talked about nutrition, he was knowledgeable and explained things to me in a way I understood. He also listened to what my weaknesses and downfalls were and helped me work through those.

My biggest achievement has been seeing my body change. I have always been OBSESSED with the scale and the number on it. Although I still weigh myself to gauge where I am, Justin has taught me that your body changes in so many ways during this lifestyle change that I have to go by how my body feels, how my clothes fit, my mood, etc. When I started with Justin in 2014, I was 167 lbs and wearing a size 12 or 14. I remember the day I went to the store to buy summer shorts and was wearing a 4! I couldn’t believe it.

When I first started at Jada back in 2014, it was to get in shape for a wedding I was standing up in. I was tired of the way I looked and knew I could not achieve what I wanted on my own…I tried and failed.

Fast forward to 2016, I had achieved my goals and was steadily maintaining them but I had run into some health issues. I was hospitalized 4 times during this year, along with 4 surgeries and 3 months of home infusions where I had to have a PICC line. I remember going to the gym and crying to Justin because I was trying to “take it easy” which meant missing out on the gym and not maintaining my nutrition. Justin assured me that we could work through it… and we did! I would be at the gym with a cast on my arm working lower body the best I could This to me was a true testament to me that Justin truly cares about his clients inside the gym, and out. So here I am, 2019, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

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