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My interest in fitness started in 2002. I was a sophomore in college, had been overweight throughout middle and high school, and was drawn into a local gym by a special they were running after the first of the year. After a few uncomfortable weeks as a new, overweight gym goer, I was fortunate enough to have something just click for me. Once I started seeing results, I became more driven and fitness became a very important part of my life. Within a year, the new workouts combined with slowly modifying my diet resulted in a 45 pound weight loss. Fast forward to 2007 and a different local gym, I discovered group fitness and completely fell in love. So much so that I trained to become an instructor for my first program in 2008. My body responded to taking the classes, even more so once I become an instructor, and it continued to transform with each of the programs I added to my repertoire.

In early 2015, I decided that it was time to take it up a notch. I realized that I could only get myself so far, and I knew I needed someone to help me achieve my goals. A very good friend and fellow instructor had trained with Justin for a figure competition. Based on her experiences and her incredible results, I knew he was the best–he was the person I needed to contact.

I started training with Justin in January of 2015 and a few weeks later we added the nutrition component. Very seriously, these last four years have been life altering. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Justin and the work we have done together. He has taught me so much, both during our sessions as well as in our weekly communication about my nutrition, and I continue to learn more each and every week. Justin is constantly challenging me and pushing me to work harder and be better, yet has never once suggested I cut back on teaching or taking the classes I still love so much, he simply makes it all work for what we are trying to achieve. Justin has been supportive through injuries, illness, and is completely responsible for the success I saw during my competition season in 2017. We have met and then surpassed goals, and Justin is always just as excited, if not more excited, than I am after reaching a milestone. I have gotten stronger and leaner during my time with him, and my only regret is not starting with him sooner.

Thank you Justin for all you have done for me up to this point, I so look forward to seeing what we continue to achieve in the future!

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