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Achieving a healthy lifestyle takes more than just working hard at the gym. I didn’t always think this way. In fact, two years ago I thought that’s all it took. It was simple, make a daily commitment to exercise and everything else would fall into place. As I found out, results at the gym can stop or even worse, begin to regress. Especially when poor nutrition or bad eating habits are added to the mix. My lack of results at the gym were eventually compounded by frequent fatigue, sluggishness and an absence of motivation to workout.

Thankfully, Cheryl, my wife, recognized it was time for a change. It was her effort and research that brought us to JADA and Justin. For the last two years, Justin has been our nutritional coach and has guided us through the process of tracking macronutrients. By working with Justin, I have learned, among many things, the significant role that nutrition plays in achieving fitness goals. In addition to nutritional awareness, Justin has also led me to understand the importance of rest, recovery, sleep and exercise regimen. Becoming familiar with and practicing these factors have helped assure that my time spent in the gym produces the desired results.

With Justin’s guidance I achieved my original goal of reducing body fat and becoming lean within the first six months of tracking macros. Since then I have transitioned to working towards my current goal of adding muscle. By adjusting my nutrition and tracking macros not only has my body composition been effected but my overall wellbeing has been positively impacted as well.

Smarter food choices and a proper balance of macronutrients have reset my metabolism and now has my body working for me. Proper nutrition has also improved the quality of sleep I get. Perhaps the greatest change I have experienced thus far is increased energy levels. Previously it was the norm to be exhausted with little energy left at the end of the day. I now maintain consistent energy throughout the entire day.

It’s been my experience the past two years that focusing on macronutrients has the ability to produce long term, sustained success. Because of the flexibility in food choices, macros lacks the strictness of many other diet plans. Allowing myself to eat foods I enjoy without guilt or fear of having a setback. This flexibility provides the foundation for a continued healthy lifestyle. It is this belief in combination with the results of the past two years that cause personal optimism towards repeatedly achieving my future fitness goals.

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