Nutrition Client Spotlight – Emily

 In Nutrition Client Spotlight

I had tried to count macros on my own as I knew that getting a hold of a diet was going to be the key in helping me achieve my goals. I used online calculators and got familiar with all the apps but I just needed more guidance. I wanted to become leaner and stronger. I ultimately wanted to learn how to eat in a way that was healthy and sustainable, healthy living is a lifestyle not a trend so I’m in it for the long haul.

Justin has been so helpful throughout this entire journey. He’s a professional but also knows how to connect with his people. I think I tell him every week that I trust his plan.

Since beginning with Jada Blitz Fitness I have lost almost 16 pounds. I never saw myself as heavy or even unhealthy, I simply wanted more of a grasp on both training and nutrition. My clothes fit better, I feel stronger and overall, I’m just so much more aligned; body and mind. Justin and his team have helped me gain the confidence I need to achieve my goals both in and out of the gym.


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