Nutrition Client Spotlight – Bryan

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I’ve been working out and playing sports my whole life, but always wanted to do a physique show.  After wrestling in college, I started focusing more on competing in a physique show and I knew if I wanted to be successful I’d have to have my nutrition perfect.  I looked up everything I could find about nutrition. Eventually I started tracking my macros, trying to find the best ways to cut down or bulk up, but always second guessed myself.  I would end up changing my macros too quickly or not follow them for awhile.

A couple of years later after trying and failing to do my nutrition myself I knew I needed a coach to help me with contest prep. Some friends from the gym told me about Jada Blitz and I recognized the name through bodybuilding shows so I decided to email Justin and give him a try. We started my first competition prep 7 weeks out, which is not a lot of time for a show prep. In those 7 weeks Justin got me leaner than I ever have been before and I won my very first physique show.

That was over a year ago and I’ve been with Justin since. During my bulk he had me eating 500 grams of carbs and I still had abs which is something I never though was possible. On my next show prep I was eating more food, doing less cardio, and getting leaner. With Justin, I’m going into my shows looking better then I thought I would.

I always recommend Jada Blitz to anyone who asks me about my new nutrition and how I was able to look like I do on stage. Seeing what we accomplished makes me regret not going to Justin earlier.


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