Nutrition Client Spotlight – Alyssa

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I sought out nutritional coaching because I had tried many ‘diets’ in the past (low carb, intermittent fasting, just plain counting calories) and my body never showed a change. I exercised almost every day but often felt sluggish and had headaches. I knew I had to make a change in order to obtain the results I’d been constantly striving for.

I chose Jada Blitz/Justin to be my nutrition coach first based on reputation and success stories I heard from others and also the way the program is formatted. It doesn’t feel like a diet, it’s simply a lifestyle change to fuel your body properly.

The biggest highlight for me is actually seeing long lasting results! I am building muscle and strength while also losing weight and bloat. With this nutrition program, you don’t feel deprived nor do you feel like you’ve ‘slipped’ when you have a meal you enjoy. 

I’m extremely grateful for Justin and Jada Blitz helping me find the right way to feed my body. For so long, I would work myself to death in the gym, ate ‘low carb’ and was never happy with how I looked or felt. I was tired all the time, would get small injuries during my workouts, and it was hard for my body to recover. After starting this program, I constantly am beating PR’s at the gym, I sleep well, I’m growing to love my body, and I am HAPPY!


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