Making Fitness Family Friendly

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When you’re a parent, it may feel like you have to compartmentalize your life. Work, kids, house, spouse, pets, plants.. it’s not uncommon for your own health and well-being to fall last on the list. If you haven’t been able to make time for your own workouts lately, read on- we’ve got tips for how to incorporate your family right into your fitness routine.

1) Make It Fun

Sure, you may not get the same rush as a heavy lifting session, but there’s plenty of ways to burn calories and build strength through play. Kids love to race, so consider your cardio in the form of freeze tag or backyard sprints.

2) Coach Each Other

Letting your kids count your reps, or you counting for them, instills a sense of pride and value. And as they get older, work in some healthy competition and go head to head to see who can out-rep each other!

3) Take a Moment

Sometimes, just a walk with your family gives you all the benefits your body needs. Recovery is something both parents and non parents overlook, so try to find the value in a slow steady walk where you focus on breath.

4) Sneak in the Reps

Up and down the stairs a few extra times with the laundry basket, dropping into ten quick squats while at the grill, pressing that full gallon of milk overhead a few times. Besides making your kids laugh, your muscles will thank you.

5) Share Your Why

One of the most important lessons we can instill in our children is that exercise is a celebration of what your body can do, not punishment for what it can’t. Whether you’re training for a race, in prep for a show or just want to feel healthier and stronger, sharing your why can have a huge impact on your kids. They learn what they live, so to see bodies being celebrated and movement being appreciated is something that can really stick.
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