Client of the Week – Renee

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I have been training with Adam for almost three months now & from the beginning he told me to trust him & I will see the results I want. I can honestly say he was right. I changed my entire idea of nutrition and dietary intake. I added weight training and cardio. I never would have thought that what he was telling me to eat and lift would give me these types of results ! My whole idea of fitness changed ! My self goal was to not only fit in my wedding dress but have it be slightly big & I have already surpassed that. I feel amazing and am starting to get compliments and recognition of these changes by friends and family for the hard work & daily dedication I put into this journey. Adam has been a positive trainer & very encouraging. He pushes me with every session. I love the atmosphere of Jada Blitz & really enjoy coming to my sessions every time ! Can’t wait to see more progress ! Check them out they are awesome ! ?

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