Client of the Week – Linda

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After going through a year of great change and challenge, I found myself seeking new avenues to rebuild my body, soul, mind, and spirit. I met Trey at a community meditation class and I talked to him regarding my concerns about joining a gym. I had zero interest in looking like a 65 year old “Barbie Doll”, and I wondered if he could help me develop a more mindful, empowerment-focused workout. His approach to training was exactly what I was looking for! He talked about training as a practice of personal empowerment, emphasizing increased mobility, strength, and endurance to support a vital, full-throttle-life of adventure and fun. I’ve been working with Trey for two months now, and it has become one of the best things I have done to heal my life. Trey is so knowledgeable, considerate, and passionate about helping his clients to fulfill their personal vision of optimal fitness.

I would add that Jada Blitz is no ordinary gym- the vibe is friendly and encouraging- and I always leave our training sessions feeling more energized and inspired, eager for the adventure of living!

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