Client of the Week – Kristina

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Growing up, my life revolved around soccer. I never really had a chance to become “out of shape” because I was always playing. Throughout my college soccer career, I had 3 knee surgeries, countless trips to the athletic trainer, and many recovery sessions just trying to make it to the last game of my career. I decided to give my body a break after college. I didn’t realize I had let myself fall so far until I started to think ahead to what I wanted to look like on my wedding day. It was hard to think that my body, that needed no extra work while playing soccer, was something that made me feel self-conscious. I decided then that I needed to find someone to help me get back to a healthier version of me. 

I knew Jenny from playing at Buffalo State. I always admired her for her personality and willingness to continue a healthy lifestyle post-athletic career. She has been so wonderful through this whole process. Encouraging me everyday, making sure the exercises are okay for my knee post-ACL reconstruction, and pushing me to new limits during every lift. 

There is still work to do but I am so happy with my results! I look and feel so much better than when I started in December- I can feel myself gaining my confidence back and pushing myself towards my goals. I could not have done it without the support from Jenny and the Jada Blitz team! 

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