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I am a registered nurse by profession and, of course, have none of the common medical problems that affect health care providers. We are immune to them, that is, until the day they catch up with you.  For me, that was July 1st 2015 with a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.  I was not very active and very over weight.  That same day, I made the decision to start walking every evening.  Just doing that seemed to help.  It was great until it started to get cold in October, at which time I joined a big box gym.   I was given a session with a personal trainer, and it felt good to move more body parts.  After about a year at the big box gym, I hit a stagnate period.  My trainer suggested Jada Training, so I gave it a try.  The first person I met was Justin, and I had a couple of sessions with him.  I enjoyed them, but was exhausted before completing my hour session.  Consideration was given to giving it up, but then I was scheduled with a kid (he did not even shave yet) named Dan.  After two years, I’m still training with Dan three times a week (and no he is not shaving yet). Dan is a great person and relates very well with his clients.  His positive thinking and attitude help keep me going.  He is fun to train with and has a profound sense of humor, as do many of the other team members and customers of Jada.  It is the feeling of never being judged, and non-verbal support, that makes going to Jada Fitness enjoyable.  Jada says we are family, and it is true.  That makes is so much easier to get up and move, as we all need to do.   This computer age has started to hurt us all with inactivity.  Lastly, Dan has helped me in a way I hate to admit.  I am off both diabetic medications, and sometimes, can even have a little cheat of sweets without a problem.  Oh yes, Dan started to shave once a week.

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