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My journey to Jada Blitz started because I am getting married in the summer. I have also been working out on my own for a few years with a very primal workout routine. I have seen results on my own but my weight has gone up and down too frequently. I needed help to create consistency and to introduce me to meaningful workouts. 

I’ve had a few friends that have gone to Jada and said how much they’ve learned through their experiences there, so I decided to give it a shot. I met with Justin, I liked his attitude towards my goal. 100% willing to help but honest in saying it’s my responsibility to achieve my goals. Him and the trainers will be with me every step of the way, but I need to own it.  I appreciate the honesty up front, and no sugar coating it. 

Will is a great trainer. He has a great personality and really gets invested in making sure I am getting a good workout. I like that he works with me to keep my on the right path. He’s not just showing up to show up each session, he comes prepared with new workouts and really wants to keep me progressing. I appreciate that he is as invested in this as I am. 

The thing I love about Jada is how friendly everyone is. Being out of shape in a place where there are highly motivated, in shape people makes you feel vulnerable. At first it feels overwhelming trying to fit in, but the trainers and staff all make you feel welcome. It’s not fake though, everyone there is genuinely nice. Gaige and Dan have helped me out on multiple occasions when needed and the consistency of kindness never falters. That’s important to me. 

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