Client of the Week – Heather

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“Last November I was in a hard place. I had gained 50lb. I wasn’t happy and I decided to make a change.  I joined a new CrossFit gym, started a horrible diet, and lost over 60lbs.  I was sitting with my chiropractor and he asked me what was next for me.  And I told him I want to look like I workout. And I’d really like to push myself to do a bikini competition. He told me had the guy for me.  He told me about Justin at Jada Blitz and that he was the perfect guy for me.  The next week I reached out to him and he quickly got me in for a meeting.  I was on very bad path with eating and Justin helped me get on the right path. Instead of feeling defeated he made me feel like I was in great hands and I would be able to achieve my goals. I’ve lost over 20 more pounds. I can see muscles I have never seen before. I get giddy every time some one tells me how great I look! I could have never achieved the muscle definition that I have without Justin’s guidance.

He is an amazing trainer. He knows when to push me harder and build confidence in what I’m doing. He also understood some past injuries I had and how to work with me and rebuild strength. He has directed me in my nutrition and I am now eating more than I have ever ate and still losing weight. He helped me though my anxiety about food and taught me that carbs are not a bad thing. He is always there for any questions you have or for encouragement.

I love Jada Blitz because everyone there is so friendly. It’s such a great workout environment. Everyone is supportive and cheering you on for success. They also have everything there that you need to achieve your goals.  I have bought meals there when I know I’m going to be too busy and want to stay on track. It’s truly a gym for anyone to help you achieve your goals.”

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