Client of the Week – Erica

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Well, this is certainly unexpected! Coming from a girl who, at one point in life, was failing gym class! ??‍♀️

I suppose you could say my fitness journey started 7 years ago, but let’s just say it’s never been my number one priority in life. ??‍♀️
What I can tell you is what led me to Jada Blitz. Last year my perspective on fitness changed drastically when I tore my ACL. I was scared. Scared of surgery; hell, Thurman Thomas played his whole career with a torn ACL, right? Scared of the implications later in life; will I have to get a knee replacement? Thank goodness, one piece of advice I received was to “take your P.T. seriously.” And I did. From there, going to the gym was no longer about the annual race for summer abs (I never succeeded), but rather to truly create good habits & become stronger.

When I walk into Jada each week and meet with Jenny, I am excited! That girl pushes me! WHooooOOO! I think I texted her a week ago and told her I thought my car lost its power steering after an upper body day.

Even though we all want an ? that’s ?; I mean, have you seen Jenny?!; the best part about Jada is that it’s not superficial. Everyone there honestly cares about their clients and their well-being. Check them out, just do it ✔️Check out the classes, go to one of their events, you will see it’s not your big box gym.

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