Client of the Week – Cynthia

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I’ve been training with Anthony for two years, and now I’m more aware of my body, my strengths and my weaknesses. After working with a trainer, I feel like I’m working smarter, not just harder! Personal training gives me a new lease on working out- it’s more exciting to come to the gym. Anthony is awesome- he really gets into his clients’ needs and and works with your unique goals and capabilities to make you more overall fit. I like that he truly personalizes the training routine for each client; it’s not cookie cutter. We never do the same thing twice so it never gets boring.
After training with Anthony, I have a more positive outlook on everything. I want to work out until the day I die! I want to be lifting weights at 80, I want to be able to get up if I fall. If I ever wind up in the hospital, Anthony is going to be smuggling weights in to me. Before, I did duathalons and half marathons and my goals were to be fast and competitive and I’m past that- now I’m looking to my next decades and realizing the importance of being functional for longevity.A good base heals you faster and keeps you in a healthy attitude, and that’s why I’m here with Anthony at Jada Blitz.

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