Client of the Week – Christine

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My story is a bit different. I chose Jada Blitz because of Seton. The last time I remember being in good shape was when I was with another gym that focused on short term goals. I can remember stepping on that scale and feeling so happy with what I had achieved. It did not take long for me to gain most of the weight back and feel defeated.

I knew for my health I had to get back to the gym and focus on myself. My mother passed away at 55 of a heart attack and I knew I was heading in the same direction. I heard Seton had begun working at Jada Blitz and I reached out to him. From the first meeting I had with him I could feel his passion for what he does. He builds a partnership that fosters open communication and transparency so that our plan can work in the real world.

I have been at Jada Blitz since November. The gym and the people share Seton’s passion. It is an environment where everyone can feel comfortable being themselves and be open to challenge. I don’t think that Seton will ever understand what he has done for me. His FB group gives us the additional support I need when I am most vulnerable to bad habits. His motivational posts, articles and pod casts give me knowledge to understand the why behind my efforts and material I can share with family and friends. Thank you!

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