Client of the Week – Bobby

 In Client of the Week

Why did you seek out nutritional coaching? What were your short + long term goals? 

I have had success losing weight but always at the expense of strength/muscle. I knew I needed to eat differently and train differently to get the results I wanted. Around this time last year I tore my LCL and in the following months put on about 20lbs. After the winter ended I decided it was the perfect time to reach out to Aubree.

Why did you choose Jada Blitz Fitness, Justin/Aubree, to be your nutrition coach?

Their experience and knowledge. They’re certified, and they’ve proven they know what they’re doing by doing it themselves and doing it for hundreds of other clients.

What have you achieved in your nutrition program so far?

I’m down about 15lbs since I started with Aubree. I’ve seen a slight drop in body fat percentage with a big jump in muscle mass and strength gains. We just switched to a hypertrophy program to try and help improve muscle gains and blast some fat, so I’m excited to see what happens!

Coaches Notes – Aubs

When Bobby and I began working together our first priority was establishing his baseline metabolism, finding out the best macro ratios for his body type, and learning what foods worked best for his body and performance. As we transitioned week-to-week and watched his physique change, his strength and performance improved as well. We have used a few different approaches over the past 31-weeks, from macro tracking, macro cycling, refeeds, bulking and cutting phases. I provide Bobby with custom training programs that work with his goals, focusing on hypertrophy and mass-bulking. Keeping the goal-the goal, Bobby has remained transparent and hard-working, never missing a check-in and always sticking to the plan. He is patient, humble, and always ready to take on new challenges with me. I am looking forward to watching him evolve and grow as we continue forward as a team.
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