Nutrition Client Spotlight – Colleen

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Why did you seek out nutritional coaching?
I had started training with Jenny in January, which was the first step towards getting healthier After a few month’s I realized I didn’t know how/what to eat based on my new workout plan. I decided I needed some help with my nutritional goals so I could start to see more results from working out.

What were your short + long term goals?
At first, I told Aubree I wanted to lose weight (10 lbs I think), because that was a number I had been in the past, even though I wasn’t eating well or working out when I was at that weight I also wanted to establish a healthy relationship with food and find a lifestyle that I could maintain (avoid “dieting”) I just hit the 30th birthday mark so i figured now was the time Aubree and the program helped me realize that the scale isn’t everything, and that my healthy weight might not be ten pounds lighter The scale stuck at the same number for a while, which was frustrating, but my second body scan showed that I was making more progress than I thought, which was the motivation I needed to keep going.

Why did you choose Jada Blitz Fitness, Justin/Aubree, to be your nutrition coach?
She came highly recommended by Jenny and Liz!

What have you achieved in your nutrition program so far?
I’ve lost 4 lbs total, but I have also lost 5 lbs of fat and gained 3 lbs of muscle in 6 weeks My BMI dropped, as well as my visceral fat level. Most importantly, I feel SO much stronger and healthier My energy, mindset, and overall health has improved And I am finally seeing the results in the mirror Jenny and Aubree are definitely a dynamic duo and I am so grateful for both of them!

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