Jada Blitz Named lululemon Strategic Wholesaler

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For the past 20 years, lululemon athletica’s mission statement has been to elevate the world from mediocrity to greatness.

When Justin Draper founded Jada Blitz in 2011, he took on his own personal version of that mission, building a gym that focused on community, knowledge, goal-setting and results.

With sharing the core values of integrity, quality, challenge and FUN, it’s only natural that the Jada Blitz Fitness brand and the lululemon brand come together. The Buffalo lemons made Justin an official ambassador in 2018, meaning they honor and admire his commitment to Buffalo, love of sweat, and a drive to crush his goals.

With that being said, we’ve officially taken the next step and have become a lululemon strategic sales partner!

What does this mean for you?

We’ll be carrying both capsule collections and core pieces for both men and women, right in our gym. Be sure to check it out next week and take your favorite lululemon item right from the shelf to the squat rack.

That’s what we call living #thesweatlife

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