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My history with Stephanie is a unique one. For I have known her for a long time. In fact, I taught her for three years in HS. Then she worked with me as a student teacher. So it was always I was the mentor, and she was the mentee. About a year ago I started working with her to help rehab some tendonitis in my ankle. As time went on, we began to work on getting me back in shape after some injuries. As I pushed my students to strive for the best that is what Steph does in our workouts. She pushes me to the limit knowing that I can truly reach those goals we have set. Now she is the mentor, and I am the mentee. What I love about Jada is that everyone is so friendly and they know your name. It’s not like the other gyms I went to where they didn’t even know who you were. I cannot thank Stephanie enough when we started to explore the road of Holistic Health Coaching into my life. We have explored so many different paths that have helped me separate various aspects of my life. I know that I still have more goals to meet and that Stephanie and the Jada family will help me achieve those goals.

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