Client of the Week – Maureen

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I discovered Jada Blitz a little over three years ago. I noticed a colleague’s transformation and just had to know how it happened. She told me about Jada Blitz. I joined immediately and began training with Adam Gutierrez. The rest is history. I learned about proper nutrition and counting my macros. Although I no longer count my macros, I have tried to incorporate what I have learned in choosing what and how to eat. I have had too many gym memberships over the years to count. Unfortunately, I was never successful at keeping up with going to the gym … lots of excuses. Having a personal trainer has made all the difference in the world. No more excuses. I’ve had my highs and lows over these past three years, but with Adam’s encouragement, I have kept on going. When the busyness of life or the aches and pains that come with my age get in the way, Adam motivates me and doesn’t allow excuses – LOL. He keeps me focused and reminds me of the importance of staying strong and healthy. He also works with me to alleviate any pain I might have. Jada Blitz is a great community of people, under the leadership of Justin Draper.

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