CBD Topical Pain Relief: Who said arthritis can’t be treated? Who said muscle aches can’t be treated? Drop the OTC pain medications and pick up CBD today

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CBD Topical Pain Relief: Who said arthritis can’t be treated? Who said muscle aches can’t be treated? Drop the OTC pain medications and pick up CBD today.

Do you suffer from aches and pains? Are you always sore from your workouts? Do you have knee pain, shoulder pain, back and neck pain, foot pain? Do you suffer from arthritis that hurts during the winter months? Do you suffer from chronic elbow pain due to weight lifting, golf or tennis?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, CBD BioCare 500 mg 3.8oz pain cream is for you!

CBD pain creams can be used topically where they are absorbed under the skin for localized relief of pain, inflammation, muscle soreness, psoriasis, arthritis, and many other conditions.

Unlike Biofreeze or Icy Hot which only mask the pain, CBD BioCare pain cream actually fights the ROOT CAUSE of the pain and inflammation. CBD absorbs into the cannabinoid receptors on the skin and injured tissue resulting in decreased inflammation and pain.

The best part, when CBD pain cream works, it works instantly! Within minutes people notice relief.

“I put it on my tennis elbow and the pain disappeared. I cannot believe how well it works” Sheila Waters, Tampa/ Florida

What makes CBD BioCare 3.8 oz 500mg cream better than all of the others? For starters it packs a full 500 mgs of CBD. Most creams on the market are between 100-350 mgs of CBD.

Perhaps the most important aspect of CBD BioCare pain cream is the emu oil. Emu oil is used as an anti-inflammatory that protects and moisturizes the skin. Emu oil, when used as the carrier oil for CBD is said to increase the absorption of the CBD resulting in longer pain relief! On average our users report up to six hours of relief, as compared to the average two hours with other products.

CBD BioCare pain cream also contains arnica montana, green tea extract, orange peel extract, eucalyptus leaf extract, lemon leaf extract, and willow bark extract. This combination of anti-inflammatories is a sure win.

CBD pain cream is best used 1-3 times a day. CBD pain cream is ideal for muscle aches, rheumatic and osteoarthritis (especially in the knee, shoulder, thumb, ankle, and spinal joints), sunburn, and bruises. The average user who purchases the 3.8oz 500 mg cream will get up to 3 months of use per jar.

Stop pain and recover faster. Click the link below to purchase your CBD BioCare pain relief cream today. Don’t forget to use coupon code jada for a 5% discount. You can also stop into Jada Blitz Fitness to pick some up today.

Be sure to purchase the 500 mg 3.8oz jar ($70) as the smaller sizes only contain 75mg of CBD.


We also offer a cooling roll-on gel. The roll-on gel combines the cooling effect of methanol with CBD. Keep in mind if you have chronic pain the CBD 500 mg 3.8 oz jar is recommended.

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