Group Class Participant of the Month: Shannon!

 In Member of the Month


What do you enjoy most about group fitness classes?
    Working out with an instructor and this group of amazing people, is so much more motivating than trying to do workouts on my own.  The instructors do such an amazing job of coming up with fun and challenging exercises that I would have never thought to try. I always leave feeling really accomplished and strong.
How is group fitness at Jada Blitz different from other gyms?
    We do things that no other gyms offer. I’ve never been to a gym that offered classes where you can learn to climb ropes, flip tires, do pull ups from tree branches, box, and run outside carrying gym equipment. The exercises during class force me out of my comfort zone but I can definitely feel myself getting stronger and I see more tone and definition all over my body.
What goals have you achieved since first attending group class?
       A group of us were training for a Spartan Race and I had a goal of climbing the rope and completing the rings. After a few months of working with Jess, I was able to do both! She helped me by incorporating exercises during class to increase grip strength and she also put Post It notes on the rope to give me something to reach for. I’ve also noticed that since I’ve started attending classes at Jada, my endurance has gotten so much better. I can work out a lot longer without getting fatigued.
What is your favorite class?
      Bootcamp is my go-to class. I get bored if I do the same thing day in and day out but Jess is constantly changing up the class and challenging us to do things we never thought we could do.  I never feel like I’ve plateaued because I’m constantly being pushed to the next level when I accomplish something. Jess is so incredibly motivating and will work to make sure you reach whatever goal you set out to achieve. I wouldn’t be this strong without her and the boot camp crew!
What is it about Jada Blitz that keeps you coming back?
    I love the people! We have all become such good friends. When you attend the gym with people who laugh with you and motivate you at the same time, then you look forward to coming. We have so much fun and get an amazing workout at the same time!
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