Booty & Abs - Jada Blitz Fitness - Buffalo, NY will get you looking and feeling your best!

This class offers a 45 min intense lower body workout. In Booty and Abs, you will engage your core and pump your booty!

What is Booty & Abs - Jada Blitz Fitness - Buffalo, NY?

45 minute class focusing on lifting, strengthening, and defining that backside. To deepen the burn and build true strength and shape you will target the glutes from multiple planes (standing, hands and knees, lying on your back or side and more) which will allow for a full body experience. Adding in core specific movement to give it the special treatment it deserves.

Location: Group Room
Capacity: 20

Booty & Abs - Jada Blitz Fitness - Buffalo, NY Benefits

Develop a well-rounded back side with these isolated movements. Hitting your glutes and hamstrings from different angles and intensities will help you get that shapely booty you have always wanted. This class will help you tighten, tone and engage your core helping create better posture.