Tiffany McMullen

    Tiffany is the Head of Group Fitness at Jada Blitz. She started here back in 2018 as a group instructor teaching only booty and abs. Since then, she has grown our group fitness community and now runs our group fitness department.  Over the past year Tiffany quit her full time job as a paralegal to personal train with us full time because she realized exactly how much she loved being able to help and make a difference in someone’s life. Though Tiffany loves to train, teach hiit and spin classes, she prefers powerlifting for her own workouts. In 2020 she broke the New York state bench press record for her weight class at over 190lbs!

    Before becoming a part of the Jada Blitz family, Tiffany worked in a law firm at a desk. She felt as though her desk job was wasting her talents; and, she lacked any sense of a  rewarding feeling at the end of the day. She wanted to help people and make a difference in their lives. When Tiffany started her career in the fitness world, she realized there was a lot of false information out there for females. She saw a post on instagram, “Girls shouldn’t lift weights or they’ll get too bulky.” This made her jump into personal training. She was determined to prove to other girls just how untrue those posts were.

    Tiffany is passionate about lifting weights and sticking to the basics. As a personal trainer, she always encourages you to go heavier and to push past your limits.

    Progress not perfection.

    Tiffany attended Medaille College and graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science.
    She is also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer (ACE-CPT), ISSA Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA-CPT), and a Group X Certified Instructor.