Missy Fogarty


    I spent a good portion of my childhood playing sports or in a gym. I graduated with a BA in Early childhood and childhood education from SUNY Fredonia in 2013. As a Spanish minor I travelled to Costa Rica falling in love with their famous phrase and way of living PURA VIDA. Taking advantage of this phrase and after a couple years in the business world of sales I decided to devote my time to enjoying cycling classes and finally teaching.  Cycling has been the most effective and challenging workout I have ever experienced and the only one that’s kept me coming back for more. It was my escape to a no nonsense world of PURA VIDA right there on the bike. I teach my clients to let their minds go during my classes, to enjoy the music, enjoy the ride, and allow the only thinking to be on my part. I moved to the North Towns and decided to open my own studio Pura Vida Cycling, after a successful first year I closed, and I am now very excited to share my love of cycling and thrives on inspiring others through out WNY!

    Music Preferences:

    Everything & anything from Country to EDM to Hip/Hop if it has a good beat you can see me dancing

    Reason for doing this:

    I enjoy teaching because I love the energy my clients give me while I am on and off the podium. The music, the smiles, the sweat, are all beautiful while in class, but when I am off the podium I have created so many amazing relationships with such wonderful people and clients. The messages and love that I get from our riders, is why I teach. They explain to me their struggles, or why they ride, and it pushes me to give them a better class every time they come in. I want to motivate and inspire everyone to find their Pura Vida (pure life.) When they are on their bikes I want to remind them how special they are to me and allow them to free their minds and body to the music and the class.

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