Josh Van VessemPersonal Trainer
    Joshua is a trainer who works with people from every background to become better in all aspects of life through fitness.  He believes that pushing yourself to better yourself is contagious and can positively impact every area of life.
    Joshua’s fundamental belief is being ‘better than yesterday’ which means to push yourself to take your goals one step at a time, and by working to be a little better, try a little harder than you were yesterday.  He believes that this mindset can positively impact you in all aspects of life.
    Joshua has been a trainer for over a year and has worked with a multitude of clients ranging from semi-professional soccer players, college and high school athletes, along with rehabbing hip, knee and shoulder replacement clients and assisting people with their weight loss goals.
    Joshua is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Science Association and is studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Statistics.