Jenny Spencer


    Jenny is a certified personal trainer who works with a diverse group of clientele. It is very motivating to her to meet individuals who have the drive and dedication to make a positive change in their life. Jenny has acquired a great deal of knowledge over the past seven years from working in the fitness industry since landing her first job at a commercial gym in 2012.

    Jenny holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness with Nutrition from Buffalo State College. She has had a coast to coast experience working as a personal trainer at Equinox in San Diego, California, and has returned with a fresh eye to the East Coast. This experience really broadened her horizons and unleashed a whole new style of training and skill sets. Being able to help mold someone’s perspective and lifestyle for the better has been extremely gratifying and impactful to Jenny. The bond that she develops with her clientele as a coach, motivator, and even a shoulder to lean on, is irreplaceable.

    Growing up playing sports year-round since she was five years old quickly molded Jenny’s dedication to health and fitness. After her collegiate career as an athlete ended with an injury that resulted in surgery, she knew this could not stop her drive and passion for fitness. She then went on to compete in two bikini competitions where she placed top three in both shows. Following that she broke six New York State powerlifting records within a year. Jenny continues to show this kind of determination with her clients proving that even when people doubt you, anything is possible if you have drive, passion, and consistency. How bad do you want it?